Children Exposed to Domestic Violence


Exposure to domestic violence can have a profound effect on children, making them more prone to emotional problems like depression and anxiety and increasing the chances that they will either become victims of violence themselves or commit crimes in later life. What happens in early childhood can impact a lifetime.

We need to work together ensure children have access to basic needs, a sense of security and predictability, a positive sense of themselves, assurances that the community will help them (and their nonabusive parent) stay safe from harm, and the knowledge that the violence is not their fault. We need to build the capacity of community-based programs and systems, and develop policies to ensure that children’s needs are fully integrated into systems response.

Building Capacity

  • Learning Communities
    • Community-based Domestic Violence Programs
    • Educational Systems
    • Criminal Justice Systems
    • Healthcare Systems
    • Childcare Systems
  • Capacity Building Trainings

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