Meet Our Social Change Agents

Meet our wonderful staff! Their tireless efforts and energy drive our success.

Kelly Miller

Executive Director

By widening our circle of compassion, we can open our hearts and end violence against women and girls, men and boys. We need to pivot together in a new direction towards a future without violence. Beyond stirring up a revolution, she likes her family, Mary Oliver, Katniss Everdeen, Homeland, Yo La Tengo, Smartwool socks and the outdoors.

Henry Hitt

Finance Director

A safe future, where women and girls, men and boys are able to live a life free from violence is what we all are striving to create. By working together, we can build a world where peace and compassion for all is the norm. When out of the office, Henry enjoys Crossfit and exploring all Idaho has to offer since he recently moved to the area.

Jennifer Landhuis

Director of Social Change

Justice doesn’t happen only within our criminal justice system. Justice occurs when those that experience violence regain a sense of empowerment. Together, we can ensure that all individuals whose lives have been affected by violence receive justice. In addition to pursuing justice, she enjoys golfing, reading, and camping with her family and four dogs.

Bryan Lyda

Senior Program Specialist

We are all connected to one another, our communities, and our society. In realizing and strengthening our connection, we discover our collective power to end all forms of violence, creating a world where every gender and culture will thrive. Bryan thrives with good food, great people, a lazy basset hound, and an occasional morning rain.

Jeff Matsushita

Program Specialist

Changing times require changing minds. The progress of our community requires new ideas, thoughts and direction. The gift of triumphs from our ancestors provides us a platform to reach new heights, building upon their accomplishments. In their honor, we move forward together, toward a society free of oppression. For Jeff change is constant. He can be found out in the community with his partner chasing two young kids, bouncing a basketball or trying out a new restaurant.

Melissa Ruth

Program Manager

When everyone feels safe at home, walking down their street, out in their community, and in all their relationships, we will have created peace; a world where children play, learn and rest without fear, and carry this confidence throughout life. Cultivating peace, adventures with her daughter, live music, and fresh air are the essentials for Melissa.

Brandy Selover

Program Manager

Positive social norms change is achievable in our lifetime if we move forward with intention and a well-planned strategy! This is our time to advance widespread social change and create a future where all forms of powerbased abuse are unacceptable.

Lacey Sinn

Program Specialist

When women, girls, men and boys are equally free to live without fear, to live a life free of violence, we will have achieved our mission. Lacey believes by working together we will create the change essential to building a future without violence. She loves her dog Ruger, spending time in the outdoors, with family and friends.

Yara Slaton

Program Specialist

In the words of Maya Angelou: “When you know better, you do better.” Knowledge and awareness are a critical step in our journey to a world free of violence. Yara enjoys spending time with her daughter, adores all things pink (and chocolate!), and just completed her bachelor’s at Boise State University in International Business. She is passionate about ending poverty and addressing the structural oppressions of capitalism.